David Khmer
Vital statistics
Title Always Grounded
Gender Male
First Appearance Brawling and Cells
House No. 77
Birth date October 21, 1998
Level 20
'Experience 8,632
Age 14
Status Grounded
Home Show David is Grounded!
David Khmer is the main character in David is Grounded! He is shown in every episode and is always getting grounded for his mess-ups. David has a part fan/part enemy that goes by the username Louielouie95.

Season 1 CoverageEdit

David has covered in every single episode of the show thus far.

Eric & ArabicEdit

This was the episode David had the lest amount of screen time. This was because he got grounded near the start of the episode, not the end like usually.

Season 2 CoverageEdit

Ice Cream-lessEdit

David is eating with Diesel Khmer his father, and he wants ice cream, gets some, and gets grounded.

Return of the BirdEdit

In the episode In Dead Meat, his bird Cocky dies. So, he decides to get another bird named Cocky II, and gets grounded for it.

Locked in a CellEdit

Although David got little time in this episode, he gets Landon Dibbles arrested for littering a glass bottle of milk and gets grounded.


  • David is the most disgraceful GBN character.
  • Khmer, his last name, is a Cambodian language that has a similar context to Thai, but smaller.
  • David's house number is 77.
    • This is because if you were to add Cambodia's population and size rankings together, then divide them by 2, you get 76.5, but its rounded to 77.